Research into ageing is on the rise

Research into ageing is on the rise and it is not only medical scientists who are turning their attention to the ageing process; an increasing number of biologists, epidemiologists and geneticists are also studying it. The challenges are great. This is because, although life expectancy continues to rise, there are an increasing number of differences in the way individuals are ageing. The differences are apparent in the risk of illness, the age at which signs of ageing begin to show and whether or not treatment is successful.

The DuSRA is working on a national research agenda for fundamental, biomedical and clinical ageing research. In this we would like to bring together and encourage fundamental and translational research into the ageing of humans and animals that is focused on healthy ageing.

Our objectives:

  1. To acquire more knowledge regarding the causes and effects of ageing and the diversity of this process in animals and humans.
  2. To acquire more knowledge regarding the socio-biological and clinical problems that go hand in hand with ageing populations.
  3. To offer a platform for research ideas and new developments.