Our boardmembers

Meet the board

Each board member has his or her own area of expertise. If you would like to contact a specific member of the DuSRA, please click on one of the icons below.

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Prof.dr. Eline Slagboom


Head of department Molecular Epidemiology – LUMC

Prof.dr. Cor Calkhoven


Group leader of the Laboratory of Gene regulation – UMCG

Dr. Anton J.M. Roks


PI dept. of Internal Medicine and co-chair of center of vascular aging – EUMC

Prof dr. Simon Mooijaart

Board member

Internist-geriatrician, researcher – LUMC

Prof. dr. ir. Ellen Nollen

Board member

Group leader Molecular Neurobiology of Ageing – ERIBA/UMCG

Dr. Joris Hoeks

Board member

Associate Professor of Nutrition and Movement Sciences – MUMC

Dr. Marian Beekman

Board member

Senior Researcher Molecular Epidemiology – LUMC

Dr. ir. Pol Grootswagers

Board member

Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Ageing – WUR

Prof. Dr. Riekelt Houtkooper

Board member

Professor of Translational Metabolism – Amsterdam UMC

Dr. Peter de Keizer

Board member

Associate Professor “Senescence in Cancer and Aging” – UMCU

Managing Director and Founder – Cleara Biotech B.V.

Prof. dr. Bas Zwaan


Professor Chair in Genetics – WUR

Prof. dr. ir. Lisette de Groot


Professor Nutrition and Ageing – WUR