dr. Marian Beekman – Senior Scientist – Section of Molecular Epidemiology, department of Biomedical Data Sciences, LUMC




Prof.dr. Eline Slagboom – Head of the section of Molecular Epidemiology within the department of Biomedical Data Sciences, LUMC





Molecular epidemiology of healthy ageing ang human longevity

Main interconnected aims

  1. identifying genetic/genomic determinants and mechanisms of human ageing, longevity and protection from disease
  2. biomarker studies to predict vulnerability in older age and to monitor heterogeneity in response to interventions
  3. intervention studies (lifestyle, clinical) to improve health at older age for those at risk.


Enrolment of participants in epidemiological studies (Leiden Longevity Study, GOTO study (lifestyle intervention)), biobanking of human biomaterials. Data management and stewardship. Genetic linkage and association analyses. Transdisciplinary collaborations contributing to the development of biomarkers for healthy ageing, age predictors using molecular data, omics data (genome, transcriptome, methylome, metabolome), and lifestyle factors (diet, smoking, alcohol use, physical activity).


EU, NWO, ZonMw, Health Holland, MPI-Age, Cologne