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Clarifying the biological and statistical assumptions of cross-sectional biological age predictors: an elaborate illustration using synthetic and real data

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The association of blood biomarkers with treatment response and adverse health outcomes in older patients with solid tumors: A systematic review

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Increasing number of long-lived ancestors marks a decade of healthspan extension and healthier metabolomics profiles

Niels van den Berg published a paper "Increasing number of long-lived ancestors marks a decade of healthspan extension and healthier metabolomics profiles" in Nature Communications in July 2023Globally, the lifespan of populations increases but the healthspan is lagging behind. Previous research showed that survival into extreme ages (longevity) clusters in families as illustrated by the increasing lifespan of study participants with each additional long-lived family member. Here they investigate whether the healthspan in such families [...]

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Associatie gevonden tussen depressieve symptomen en plasma markers voor de ziekte van Alzheimer

Het Nederlands Consortium of Dementie Cohorten heeft een meta-analyse gedaan met 8 cohort studies om te onderzoeken of plasma markers voor Alzheimer en neurodegeneratie associëren met depressieve symptomen later in het leven. De Leiden LangLeven Studie was één van de 8 deelnemende cohorten. De bevindingen zijn nu gepubliceerd in “The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry”. Deze studie heeft onderzocht of depressieve symptomen later in het leven geassocieerd zijn met plasma amyloid-beta42/40, p-tau181, neurofilament light, [...]

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Healthful plant-based diet associates with greater well-being in older adults

A shift towards a more plant-based diet is promoted as healthy as well as sustainable. Whether this also applies to older adults is however less clear: On one hand plant-based diets may lead to energy deficits among vulnerable older adults and therefore negatively impact well-being. On the other hand, plant-based diets have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, suggesting they could be beneficial to older adults, often prone to chronic inflammation. We just published [...]

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