Prof. dr. Cor Calkhoven – Group leader of the Laboratory of Gene regulation in ageing and age-related diseases – ERIBA/UMCG





Gene regulation in ageing and age-related diseases.

We focus on translational regulation of C/EBPa and -b transcription factors, which are key-regulators in ageing, metabolism, innate immunity and senescence. We study the nutrient/energy mTORC1 signalling pathway, which controls CEBPa/b-mRNA translation into distinct C/EBPα/β protein isoforms. In addition, we study the function of the individual C/EBPa and -b protein isoforms and their post-translational modifications in physiology (metabolism) and disease (cancer), using cell culture systems and mouse models. In another line of research, we investigate tumour maintenance functions of TSC-mTORC1 regulation in MYC-driven tumours (Burkitt’s lymphoma and lung cancer). Finally, we develop Translational-Control-Reporter-Systems with the aim to ‘translate’ our research into clinical-pharmacological applications.

Main aims

  • Understanding C/EBP biology in ageing and lifespan determination.
  • Examining the oncogenic functions of C/EBP in cancer.
  • Investigating cancer maintenance roles of TSC-mTORC1 signaling.
  • Studying the relevance of mRNA-methylation in translation.


Broad spectrum of molecular biology and cell culture techniques, mouse models and (metabolic) phenoptyping, Seahorse XF metabolic flux analysis.


  • KWF
  • ZonMW (TOP)