Provisional program 

‘Challenges in translational research to promote healthy ageing ‘

9:00-9:15                                  Opening by Lisette de Groot

Session 1: Healthy ageing in animal models (chaired by Gerald de Haan):

9:15-9:45:                                            Peter de Keizer (Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam)

                                                               “Targeted Apoptosis of Senescent Cells against Chemotoxicity and Aging “

9:45-10:15:                                         Cor Calkhoven (University Medical Center Groningen)

                                                               “Reduced expression of C/EBPβ-LIP extends health- and lifespan in mice”

10:15-10:45:                                       Jan Kammenga (Wageningen University and Research Center)

                                                               “From recognition to acknowledgement of individual aging”

 10:45-11:15:                                       Coffee and tea

11:15-11:45                                        Martin Denzel (Max Planck Institute, Cologn)

                                                               “A sweet deal: the hexosamine pathway in protein homeostasis and ageing”

 Session 2: Healthy ageing in humans and clinical research (chaired by André Uitterlinden and Hanno Pijl):

11:45-12:15:                                       Diana van Heemst (Leiden University Medical Center) confirmed

Glucose metabolism, the brain and ageing.

12:15-12:45:                                       Luc van Loon (Maastricht University)

                                                               “Anabolic resistance of aging”

 12:45-13:45:                                     Lunch and postermarket

13:45-14:15:                                       Simon Mooijaart (Leiden University Medical Center; Society for Internal Medicine)

                                                               “Ageing research and the older patient; challenges and opportunities”

14:15-14:45:                                       Valter Longo (USC Davis School of Gerontology) confirmed

CR mimicking diets in clinic and ageing research.

14:45-15:15:                                       Coffee and tea

Session 3: Innovations in translational ageing research (chaired by Erik Buskens):

15:15-15:45:                                       John Mathers (Newcastle University)

Personalising lifestyle interventions to improve healthy ageing”

15:45-16:15:                                       Pending

16:15-16:45:                                       Edo Richard (Radboud University)

 ‘Healthy Ageing Through Internet Counselling in the Elderly’

16:45-17:15:                                       Eline Slagboom/Bas Zwaan (DuSRA)

“DuSRA now and in the future”

17:15-18:00:                                       Drinks