The Dutch Society of Research on Ageing (DuSRA) promotes synergy between fundamental and clinical research. DuSRA aims to acquire more knowledge regarding the causes and effects of ageing and its in animals and humans, to acquire more knowledge regarding the socio-biological and clinical problems that exist with ageing populations, and to offer a platform for research ideas and new developments. Recently, a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary team of experts of research into ageing and members of DuSRA formed a Public Private Partnership (nine institutions and eight private partners) for a comprehensive research programme of solutions which can contribute to ageing healthily as well as improving personal vitality. The ambition of DuSRA-VOILA is to identify early signs of functional decline in seniors, attenuate decline and restore body functions to allow seniors to increase the number of healthy years. The unique proposition of DuSRA-VOILA is that, instead of working on a single disease condition, we want to tackle a number of conditions associated with aging. DuSRA-VOILA will investigate new ‘biomarkers’, which allows assessment as to which seniors have the highest risk of accelerated ageing as well as elevated frailty during medical interventions, also how combinations of life style interventions influence the health status of their metabolism, the immune system, the intestinal microbiota and the musculature. Complementary, the identification of senescent (‘rusty’) cells will be investigated as well as their specific removal. Applying timely interventions using largely known mechanistic understanding, the researchers anticipate to attenuate disease such as heart failure, dementia and certain cancers.