Master Vitality and Ageing

The Master Vitality and Ageing is a 1-year MSc programm that focuses on the challenges of the future: The population health management of a growing ageing society.

Our society is in need of academic experts who are able to advice organisations on the challenges of the growing ageing population. This masters provides young academics with extensive knowledge and dedicated skills to enable students to enhance the lives of the elderly at a macro level. In addition, students receive extensive training during the whole year in communication in science, academic development and research & evidence. These line education will prepare students to become a successful researcher, consultant or project leader.

The programm stimulates interdisciplinary thought, admitting students from various bachelor backgrounds: bio-medical sciences, medical, health sciences, health and life sciences, healthcare management, psychology, liberal arts.

For bio-medical students, this masters is an excellent supplement, combining efficiently with their masters in bio-medical sciences.

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